28-30 January 2019
Paris, France
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Day One
Tuesday 29 January 2019

Day Two
Wednesday 30 January 2019

Morning Coffee & Registration

Chairperson Opening Remarks

Moving to Mechanism – A New Focus on Establishing Disease Causation

Definition of a Healthy Microbiome and if Disturbed – How to Shape It Back to Normal

  • Pr Lars Engstrand Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology, Karolinska Institutet

Identification of Microbiome-Based Biomarkers and Challenges Associated with Their Application: Case Studies from Obesity, IBD, and Cancer

  • Julia Cope Director of Scientific Operations, Diversigen

Investigating the Causal Role of the Microbiota in Immune- Mediated Diseases

Shotgun Sequencing & Strain-Level Analysis: Study Design for Pre-Clinical & Clinical Development

Speed Networking

Morning Refreshments

 Live Biotherapeutic Identification & Development (Single Strain & Consortia)


11.30 Precision Metagenomics Microbiome Analysis in Personalised Medicine

Trevor Lawley, Chief Scientific Officer, Microbiotica

11.50 Functional Analysis of Microbial Communities for Novel LBP Discovery

Daniel van der Lelie, Chief Scientific Officer, Gusto Global

12.10 Standardising Microbiomics – Removing Bias in Collection, Purification and Analyses

Thomas Kuri, Scientific Director, Zymo Research

12.20 A Preclinical Assessment of a Rationally Designed LBP

Ling-Yang Hao, Principal Scientist, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

12.40 Delivery, Survival, Engraftment & Activity of LBPs in the Gastrointestinal Tract

Massimo Marzorati, Chief Executive Officer, ProDigest

13.10 Lunch & Networking


 Small Molecule Identification & Development



14.10 Microbial Metabolites as Potential ImmunoModulators

Jim Brown, Director of Computational Biology & Senior Fellow, GSK

14.30 Identifying Bacterial-Derived Metabolites and Small Molecules for Metabolic Disease & Obesity

Gregory Lambert, CEO & VP, R&D, TarEDys

 Pre-Clinical Predicting – Modelling for Microbiome-Based Therapeutics


14.50 How Much Do We Know about the Human Gut Microbiome?

Alexandre Almeida, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, European Bioinformatics Institute

 Pharmaceutical Perspectives & Partnership Strategies for Microbiome-Based Therapeutics


15.10 The Value and Meaning of Partnerships in the Microbiome Space

Ken Blount, Chief Scientific Officer, Rebiotix

 CMC/Manufacturing & Scale-Up of Microbiome-Based Therapeutics


11.30 Development of Oral Live Bio-Therapeutic Products – a CDMOs Perspective

Ryan Wilson, Head of Live-Bio Programmes, Quay Pharma

12.00 Scale up and GMP Manufacture of Live Biotherapeutic Products

Tina Christensen Ram, Head of Quality, Luina Bio

 FMT Clinical Design & Development


12.10 Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT): regulation, commercialisation and future perspectives

James McIlroy, Founder & Chief Business Officer, EnteroBiotix

12.30 FFMT-Based Discovery: From Platform to Product

Luc Sterkman, Chief Executive Officer, Caelus Health

12.50 Lunch & Networking


14.10 Making the Difference in LBP Drug Development and Manufacturing

Adrien Nivoliez, Chief Executive Officer, Biose industrie

14.20 Investigating the Human Microbiome in GVHD/GVL

Pr Mohamed Mohty MD, Professor of Hematology and Head of Hematology Department, Saint-Antoine Hospital and University Pierre & Marie Curie

Clinical Trial Design & Development – Early & Late Stage Development



14.40 Developing a New Generation of First-In-Class High Diversity Microbiome Biotherapeutics to Treat Life-Threatening Diseases

Herve Affagard, Chief Executive Officer, MaaT Pharma

15.00 Genome Based Comparison and Interpretation for the Development of Microbiome-Based Therapeutic Products

Herwig Bachmann, Expertise Group Leader, NIZO

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

16.00 Microbiome Alliances at Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Kristin Wannerberger, Director R&D Alliance Management, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

16.20 Panel Discussion: New Perspectives on Pharma & Biotech Partnerships in the Microbiome

Jessica Schneider, Associate Scientific Director, Takeda

Kristin Wannerberger, Director of Partnerships, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Mike Romanos, Chief Executive Officer, Microbiotica

16.00 Rollercoaster Ride for the Pioneers in Microbiome Clinical Programme Development

Ken Blount, Chief Scientific Officer, Rebiotix

16.20 Studying Microbiome-Host Interactions to Translate Microbiome Drugs into the Clinic

David Cook, Chief Scientific Officer, Seres Therapeutics

16.40 Clinical Considerations of Rationally Designed Live Bacterial Cocktails

Bruce Roberts, Chief Scientific Officer, Vedanta Biosciences

Innovation Power Hour: Start-Up Showcase

Establishing the Role of Biofilms in Human Microbiome Discovery

Novel Therapeutic Approaches Targeting the Microbiome in Metabolic Diseases

Pioneering the Microbiome Oral Delivery for First-in-Man Studies

Chairperson Closing Remarks

Close of Conference Day One and Evening Drinks Reception Hosted by the Microbiome Movement