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Bacthera is a Danish/Swiss-based one-stop CDMO in the field of LBP’s, with the overall goal to enable the entire industry to further flourish by introducing industry changing innovations.

From small start-up’s to globally operating pharmaceutical companies, we support our clients developing analytical and manufacturing processes of their strains. With our long experience in handling bacteria in DS and DP production, we can offer tailor-made development and large-scale commercial solutions out of our Microbiome Center of Excellence. Within our facilities, we can handle:

  • Strictly and facultative anaerobes
  • BSL1/2 categorized strains
  • GMO’s

Our customers benefit from background technologies and GMP manufacturing know-how that originate from our mother companies Chr. Hansen & Lonza. In addition, Bacthera’s process expertise, enabling innovations and our world-class analytical services will contribute to our customer’s successful development of their LBP.

Team Members


Felix Faupel

Chief Commercial Officer


Alain Heron

Head of Business Development

Bacthera 2021 | Henri de Vlam

Henri de Vlam

Business Development Manager


Tue Hodal

Chief Manufacturing Officer