At Merck KGaA, we offer a microbiome one stop solution that includes microbiome research products & microbiome multi-omics services, such as Metagenomics and Metabolomics, to support researchers and therapy innovators in their pursuit to understand the microbiome. Our metagenomics services include Amplicon Sequencing (16S,18S, ITS) and Shotgun (WGS). Our metabolomics services include detection of Short chain fatty acids (SCFA), Bile acids and Amino acids (AA). Our unique M-CAMPTM cloud-based bioinformatic interactive platform provides users with an easy-to-use web interface to perform bioinformatic analysis on microbiome samples and download publication-ready graphics and reports.

Team Members


Liron Beladev

Head of marketing for the Microbiome Multi-Omics Services


Shira Lezer

R&D manager, Head of Microbiome Genomics dept.

Yasha (Yacov)

Yakov Ginzburg

R&D manager, Head of Microbiome Metabolomics dept.