ProDigest is a preclinical CRO with a unique in vitro gut simulation technology, the SHIME®.  Biorelevance of our system was validated through comparison with in vivo samples. We help food and pharma customers understand digestion dynamics, the mechanism of action of their products along the GI tract and the interplay with the gut microbiome.

Both short-term and repeated-intake studies possible. Interindividual variability can be simulated. Disease models available (inflammatory and infective diseases). Readouts include bacterial activity and composition, metagenomics, metabolomics, cell assays (including immune system modulation).

Projects include: drug dissolution and permeation, stability, survival, metabolisation, gut microbiota impact and host-microbiome interaction.

Team Members


Bart Roucourt

Director of Business Development


Fabio Spreafico

Pharma Accounts Manager