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What is the Role of the Human Microbiome in Cancer Therapy Response?


Introduction and Purpose: As our understanding of the human microbiome matures, there has been an injection of scientific interest and investment into the microbiome-oncology intersection. The cancer community is realizing the next wave of innovation through microbiome-based approaches that improve patient stratification and response to already existing cancer therapies. This theme will highlight the new opportunity set into motion by the collision of microbiome and cancer research.  

8:30 am Applying Microbiotica’s Platform to Modulate Cancer Immunotherapy Response & Identify Bacterial Biomarkers & Medicines

9:00 am Developing Live Biotherapeutics to Target Immuno-Oncology

9:30 am Improving Cancer Treatment Through Oncobax-Based Therapeutics

10:00 am Panel Discussion: Where do we Stand with Current Innovation & Future Integration of Microbiome-Based Approaches into Routine Oncology Practice?

10.30 Morning Refreshments and Speed Networking

Stream A: Functionality, Mechanisms & Pre-Clinical Development of Microbiome-based Therapeutics

Will Phage Therapeutics Hold the Key to Modulating the Microbiome?

Introduction and Purpose:

Broad based subtractive approached through the use of antibiotics can lead to unintended reduction of commensal bacteria, causing the patient to become vunerable to chronic disease, including C.Difficile infection. Bacteriophage-based therapies focus target highly specific strains of bacteria through the use of viral parasites. The purpose of this theme will be to review current practice in discovery and development of bacteriophage-based therapies and address any unique challenges when selecting a subtractive approach to modulate the immune microbiome.

Stream B: Clinical Translation, Manufacturing & Commercialization of Microbiome-based Therapeutics

How can Strategic Collaborations Drive the Future of Microbiome-based Applications in Healthcare?

Introduction and Purpose:

To help commercialize breakthrough microbiome-based therapeutics, strategic collaborations between start-ups, large pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions continue to be established. The purpose of this theme will be to review the important role of these partnerships to ensure the future success of the human microbiome.

11:30 Delivery of Therapeutic Genetic Circuits by Engineered Phage Capsids

Igor Stzepourginski, Head of Preclinical Operations, Eligo Biosciences 

11:30 Fireside Chat: Microbiotica and Genentech

Anna Williamson, Senior Director Oncology Business & Head of UK Business Development, Genentech 

Mike Romanos, CEO, Genentech 

12:00 Native and Synthetically Engineered Phage Cocktail for Treating Chronic Diseases 

Assaf Oron, Chief Business Officer, BiomX 

12:00 Fireside Chat: Rebiotix and Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Rafael Suarez, Senior Director Emerging Brands, Global Marketing, Gastroenterology & Microbiome, Ferring Pharmaceuticals 

Ken Blount, CSO, Rebiotix

12:30 Bacteriophages Alliances in Ferring

Kristin Wannerberger, Director R&D Alliance Management, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

12:30 The Microbiome Foundation: at the forefront of a health revolution

Sophie Durand, Co-Founder, Microbiome Foundation

13:00 Lunch & Networking

How can Researchers use Synthetic Biology to Engineer Bacteria as Living Therapeutics?

How can Start-Ups Raise Capital to Accelerate Microbiome-Focused Drug Platforms?

Introduction and Purpose:

One approach to developing microbiome-based therapeutics with known mechanisms of action is through the synthetic engineering of commensal bacteria that confer specific properties to treat disease.  Although most of the studies have been performed on lactic acid bacteria, there have been extensive studies in the use of engineered microbes for the treatment of immunological and metabolic diseases. The purpose of this theme will be to review the latest academic and industrial efforts in ‘programming’ the human microbiome to create a new class of therapeutics.

Introduction and Purpose:

The majority of innovators in the microbiome field are small or early-stage biotechnology companies, eager to obtain financing to fuel developments. However, like other scientific breakthrough that have seen significant venture and pharmaceutical interest, sufficient clinical trial data is not available, making it difficult to evaluate the potential of the science underlying these investments. The purpose of this discussion will be to explore the developing landscape for microbiome-focused start-ups and understand the thought process in raising funding to build and a sustain a successful drug development company.

14:00 ACTOBIOTICS®, LACTOCOCCUS-BASED BIOPHARMACEUTICALS for expression and local delivery of therapeutics at target sites

Lothar Steidler, Chief Technology Officer, ActoBiotherapeutics

14:00 Panel Discussion: How can Start-Ups Raise Capital to Accelerate Microbiome-Focused Drug Platforms?

Benjamin Hadida, CEO & Co-Founder, Exeliom Biosciences  

Georges Rawadi, CEO, LNC Therapeutics

Sebastien Guery, Human Microbiome Venture Leader, Dunpont Microbiome Venture 

14:30 Designing Therapeutic Bacteria to Target Traveler's Diarrhea

Suhyun Kim, Posydoctoral fellow, Harvard Univeristy 

15.00 Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

The Borderline between Pharma and Food – How Is the Human Microbiome Blurring the Lines?

Introduction and Purpose:

As researchers continue to seek for microbiome-targeting therapeutics that prevent or treat disease, the role of food and dietary supplements that demonstrate therapeutic efficacy has shown great promise. With diet playing a fundamental role in shaping microbiome composition and function, this theme will explore the recent approaches by organisations to address microbiome-related conditions.

3:30 pm Leveraging Insights from Probiotic Combinations to Develop the Next Generation Live BioTherapeutics

4:00 pm Optimising the Gut Microbiome to Rebalance Urate Metabolism and Pre-empt Hyperuricemia

4:30 pm Panel title: The borderline between Pharma and Food – How is the Microbiome is Blurring the Lines?

17.30 Chairperson Closing Remarks

17.40 Close of Conference Day Two and 3rd Microbiome Movement – Drug Development Summit Europe 2020