A non-invasive patented method to obtain unique inner-colonic microbiome

Time: 2:45 pm
day: Day 2 - Track B Evening


• Obtain unique inner-colonic microbiome
• In a proof-of-concept clinical trial, we collected stool and three HygiSampleSM from up
to 20 healthy patients and studied their microbiome community, including taxonomy,
phylogeny, and biological gene clusters (BGCs)
• Of all bacterial strains detected in our study, a third were unique to the HygiSample,
with a notable contribution from the different biogeographic locations. There was also a
clear gradient of bacterial communities along the colon, and the results were consistent
between sequencing and analysis methods
• Our patented HygiSample is currently the only non-invasive way of obtaining inner-colonic
microbiome information, and without the ill effects of oral prep purgatives.
• We will present the research goals and target indications we are currently pursuing