Optimizing the Exploding Power of Microbiome Predictive Analytics Will Require Applying the Laws of Behaviour and Risk Perception to Influence a Patient’s Downstream Health Decisions

Time: 2:50 pm
day: Track B - Evening - Day One


  • Listen to the predicts of how the influence of the microbiome on human health and disease, is using deep sequencing and ever-improving artificial intelligence to analyse the data combined the from Human Cell Atlas to produce metrics showing a patient’s personal probability of acquiring specific new illnesses in the future in order to recommended preventative treatments and self-actions required
  • Learn how to leverage the laws of behaviour and perceptual biases to facilitate patient understanding of future disease risk and corresponding urgency of recommended treatment and self-action
  • Explore a current research example of microbiome predictive analytical research that identified the specific type of immune therapy most likely to be effective for a cohort of cancer patients and predicted the chance that it would succeed