Denise Kelly

Denise Kelly

Company: Seventure

Job title: Investment Advisor


Building Investor Confidence in Microbiome Drug Development; how to Promote And Restore Confidence 4:45 pm

Numerous challenges from bench to bedside but overall industry progress Selecting therapeutically-relevant indications beyond C. difficile The impact of recent clinical setbacks – Lessons learned on how and when to enter clinic with microbiome therapeuticsRead more

day: Day 2 - Track A Evening

European Microbiome Leaders Panel Discussion 8:25 am

What are the recent failures and setbacks surrounding clinical research? What has been learnt from this? What are the most prominent developments disrupting the field in the last 12 months? Are there any approaches and technologies that are leading these positive developments? Therefore, where are the opportunities lying? To summarise, what do you see as…Read more

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