29th-31st January 2018

Paris, France

About Event

Through decades of pioneering science, we now know that the inherently complex microbial communities, that have co-evolved with the human body, play a crucial role in human health.

Given the rise of next generation sequencing and large corporate investment, there has been a global surge in companies that are leveraging the power of the human microbiome to design, develop and deliver simple, evidence-based therapeutics.

At Microbiome Drug Development Summit Europe you will discover the very latest preclinical and clinical case studies that are demonstrating clinical utility, lessons learned and opportunities hidden within the therapeutic microbiome.

Key Benefits of Attending

  • Effectively translate microbiome science into therapeutic targets

Microbiome science is at an inflection point, where observational science linking microbial imbalances and disease has opened new opportunities to target specific diseases.

Case studies include:

The evolution of Drug Development studies that have harnessed the power of the human microbiome by David Cook, EVP of R&D and CSO, Seres Therapeutics

Innovating Science, Technology and Business Models to Deliver on the Promise of the Microbiome by Dirk Gevers, Global Head of The Janssen Human Microbiome Institute, Janssen R&D


  • Use emerging technology to progress through clinical development phases

In the near future, advanced computational and genomic methods will couple and enhance therapeutic methodology in the human microbiome to move towards truly personalised treatments. This summit looks to discuss the key technologies that will accelerate the translation of science into valuable therapeutic discoveries.

Case studies include:

Lies, Lies and More Lies: Statistics and the Microbiome by Scott Parkinson, Head of Gastrointestinal Health & Microbiome, Nestle Institute of Health Sciences

Applying novel high throughput genome sequencing methods to investigate the microbial communities that are directly associated with health and disease by Trevor Lawley, Group Leader, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

View full agenda and speaker faculty here


  • Establish new collaborations and position yourself as a partner of choice

To effectively tap into the potential of the microbiome, it’s important to embrace global innovation. Our forum provides the perfect platform to collaborate with pioneering academics, entrepreneurs and biotech leaders to help bring your products across the finish line.

Case studies include:

Perspectives on a Microbiome Industry: How Far Are we From Science to Products? By Isabelle De Cremoux, CEO, Seventure Partners

Panel Discussion: What Role Will Academic-Industrial Partnerships Play in Leveraging the Potential Success of Microbiome Therapeutics? – Kristin Wannerberger, Director of R&D Alliance Management, Ferring Pharmaceuticals; Herve Affagard, CEO, Maat Pharma; Philippe Lenne, Director of Partnerships and Innovation, INRA


  • Outline a scalable regulatory, IP and manufacturing strategy to maximise commercial stability

To ensure the safety of microbiome therapeutics, you must understand efficient regulatory schemes as well as understanding the intellectual property landscape to provide appropriate incentives for private investment and constant innovation.

Join the 1st Microbiome Drug Development Summit in Paris to feel the power of bugs and fulfil the potential of your approach.

View full agenda and speaker faculty here