Top 5 Reasons to Download the Event Guide

  1. Stay up to date with industry progressWith case-studies from discovery to clinical development, this year’s discussion will showcase the science, strategies, and experiences from leading microbiome focused drug developers across Europe
  2. Navigate translational bottlenecks for therapeutic approvalFocusing on the regulatory, manufacturing, and clinical challenges facing industry groups, this year’s conversation will equip you with the translational knowledge required for commercial success
  3. Access the most recent scientific discoveries in the fieldMeet academic and clinical pioneers to get a comprehensive view on where this breakthrough sector is heading next
  4. Obtain the resources to advance your own microbiome projectWhether you are seeking academic insight, clinical guidance, or regulatory advice, the Microbiome Movement is the trusted platform for industry researchers within the pharmaceutical sector
  5. Establish new collaborations with microbiome pioneersWith over 10+ hours of dedicated networking, the is designed to facilitate interactions and establish new partnerships

“The MMDD Europe event is the place to engage with all of the pioneers in the industry”

President & Chief Exeutive Officer, Arranta Bio

“It's the event this space needs and deserves right now”

Business Development Manager & Pharmaceutical & Nutrition Lead, CosmosID

“Everyone who participated in this conference was so specialized to the microbiome drug development field and that made researchers, like me, very very excited during the whole days of the conference.”

Research Doctor, Jeonbuk National University Hospital