Eric J. C. Gálvez

Eric J. C. Gálvez

Company: Roche

Job title: Research Postdoctoral Fellow, Microbiome


Microbiome meets Spatial Transcriptomics 12:00 pm

Exploring emerging technologies in spatially resolved host-microbiome sequencing Learning how microbial signatures can be retrieved from spatial transcriptomics (ST) datasets Hearing about the potential of microbiome and ST in the identification of clinical biomarkersRead more

day: Day Two Track B AM

Panel Discussion: Exploring the Latest Developments Within the Gut-Brain Axis 9:30 am

 Benchmarking different pre-clinical research model options to understand the optimal research framework  How do you go from correlation to causality in neurology? Exploring metabolomics, metagenomics, in vivo models and molecular target identification  Brain imaging vs microbiome test: how far away are we?  Assessing the link between the gut microbiome & neurodegenerative diseases to explore the…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Focus Day

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